Stradivarious Cosmetics 2014 (english article)

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I am convinced that all of us girls can’t resist to nail and makeup products. Especially when they have fantastic colours, super cool packaging and have their favourite label! That is why the new cosmetic line of Stradivarious cannot go by unnoticed.

Stradivarious offers us this summer fresh, full of colour nail and makeup products with top quality ingredients and irresistible price!!!

Stradivarious Cosmetics 2014 - Makigiaz Com

Gloss – 5 fantastic shades from acid pink to bold red just for 3,95Ε

Stradivarious Cosmetics 2014 - Makigiaz Com

Lip Balms -Perfect hydration and awseome scents watermelon, melon, rasberry, tutti frutti, gum just for 2,95Ε

Stradivarious Cosmetics 2014 - Makigiaz Com

Nail Polish – 20 colours to match your nails with your summer outfits and a special message on the cap just for 2,95Ε

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