OPI Infinite Shine (english article)

The new must in nails are the Gel Effect nail lacquers but with no LED lamps and the use of a simple nail remover. That combines long lasting effect, stability and a gel effect with no nail lacquer removal worries.

OPI offers such a pioneering product. Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System is here! With only three simple steps and you will give your nails their rightful shine.

1. Use Infinite Shine Primer for nail protection and longer duration.

2. Choose one of the 30 shades of OPI nail lacquers. Apply two coats. The perfect appliance is guaranteed by OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush.

3. Finish your look with  Infinite Shine Gloss with no use of a LED lamp.

Simple, easy, fast!!!

OPI Infinite Shine - Makigiaz ComOPI Infinite Shine - Makigiaz Com


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Skinny or Bold

The Body Shop always pleases all tastes, so according to your preference on eyeliner application it offers two different kind of eyeliners to make your life easier…

Skinny Thin Felt Liner has extra fine tip for precise lines. Its ideal for natural looks. If you wish for a more bold line then create a line starting from the inner corner of the eye and all the way to the outer corner creating a stunning finish with Bold Oversized Felt Liner.

Skinny - Bold Felt Eyeliner - Makigiaz Com


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Tips for Bridal Makeup

1. Always have a makeup rehearsal. It is important to know how you will look like at your wedding day. Make sure that the colors are right for you, the shape of your eyes, the  time it lasts and the intense of the colors are satisfying.

2. Search for makeup styles at the internet and show them at the makeup artist. That way she will understand what style you want and she will apply a make up close to your taste.

 3. You don’t have to do something that you have never done before. Your daily makeup comes from a lot of experiments and you have found what suits you best. So have it as a baseline.

4.  Generally all the makeup products have long duration. Lipstick is one of the products that goes away fast. What you have to do to make it last is to use a lip pencil all over the lips first in a neutral shade. It will keep your lips colored as its very steady. Furthermore you should buy a lipstick of similar color or the exact same one that the makeup artist will apply to you.


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Mani Day – Cupcakes (english articles)

Sweet Cupcakes on your nails!!!

An easy nail art that any woman at every age loves. See bellow a step by step tutorial that Emma Nail Artist created for Makigiaz Com.

Mani Day - Cupcakes με Erre Due - Makigiaz Com

1. Apply the base colour on your nails. Our choice was Erre Due exclusive No 248 in Fucsia.

2. On the nail that you have chosen to create the cupcake nail art apply brown colour on the tip of the nail with the nail lacquers’ brush. We applied  Erre Due Lst Minute 434

3. On a small piece of foil put a small amount of white nail lacquer, we used Erre Due Exclusive No 02. Use a big dot brush and apply 3 dots that are connected with each other on the top of the brown colour.

4. With a thin nail art brush make 3 lines over the brown colour. We applied Erre Due Exclusive No 243.

5. Finish the nail art with a cherry red colour like Erre due Exclusive No407, applying small dots on the white colour with a small dot brush.

6. Apply a top coat for shine and long lasting affect.

Mani Day - Cupcakes με Erre Due - Makigiaz Com

Bershka Body Mists (english articles)

Our favourite brand Bershka besides the wonderful clothes it brings us the freshness of Spring and the sweetnes of fruits in three fantastic scents!

Candy Love, Mango Vibes and Fruity Splash will give us the freshness we need. A combination of white flowers, magnolia and a touch of citrus and passion fruit are the ingredients of Candy Love. A sensual perfume that is enhanced by wood, musk and sandalwood.

Mango Vibes has sweet intense scent from mango, violet, peach and passion fruit while Fruity Splash gives a special character to a casual look with an explosive scent of plum, peach and strawberry.

Bershka Body Mists - Makigiaz Com

Essence I love nude (english article)

What’s new from  essence?

Nude is the new trend and essence offers us natural shades. The collection I love nude has six shades from light beige to soft brown. Natural look and silk, mat finish with the new texture of the eyeshadows.

Essence I love nude - Makigiaz Com

The eye collection completes the new essence lash princess false lash effect mascara. Enjoy Royal Beauty with this black mascara which gives length and volume thanks to its conical brush. Furthermore we are in love with its appearance as it is a formal dress in black and mint.Essence I love nude - Makigiaz Com

The nude trend now on our lips with five nude shades of this collection. Soft nude, soft pink, light beige and mocha. The essence longlasting lipstick nude offer natural beauty. Add some shine with the essence XXXL nude lipgloss in light colours with a fresh effect.

Essence I love nude - Makigiaz Com

As for the nails, eight shades of essence I love TRENDS nail polish the nudes from light beige, peach to brown. Perfect nails thanks to the long lasting formula of the nail polish.

Essence I love nude - Makigiaz Com

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Valentine’s Glamour (english article)

Glamour is necessary for the Valentine’s Day Manicure and now you can have it fast, easy and cheep.

Use the false glitter nails  of Elegant Touch. Its easy to be applied as you use Adhesive Tabs that are included in the package. You will have a perfect manicure with no need to wait for the nails to dry!!! The best of all is that you can store the false nails and use them again whenever you want.


Pick the right false nail size for each of your nails.

Stick the double side adhesive tab on your nail. If it exceeds the nail use a scissor to cut it.

Remove the cover of the adhesive tab and stick the false nail from the base of your nail to top.

* You can use the file provided in the package to give the right form to the false nails so that they will fit yours.


Just pull off the false nails from top to base.

Have no worries, the package has step by step directions with little pictures that will help you a lot!


Mani Day - Valentine's Glamour - Makigiaz Com

Mani Day - Valentine's Glamour - Makigiaz Com


Mani Day - Valentine's Glamour - Makigiaz Com


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The Body Shop – Smoky Poppy (english article)

A new sensual Limited Edition collection “Smoky Poppy” is coming soon from The Body Shop.

Do you believe your skin is ready for the Saint Valentines Day? Well if you haven’t given it the delightful and relaxing hydration that the new The Body Shop collection with poppy oil has to offer then no you are not…

The Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Makigiaz Com

You shouldn’t wait until the last day to take care of your skin. It takes time for it to look soft, moisturized and radiant. Exfoliation, bubble bath, hydration and perfume are the basic steps for keeping your skin perfect looking. And you need it now that you are preparing for the big day and night of Saint Valentine more than ever.

Of course The Body Shop has covered all of these steps with its fantastic products…

1) Smoky Poppy Poppy Seed Scrub 200ml (15,5Ε)
2) Smoky Poppy Body Butter 200ml (15,00Ε)
3) Smoky Poppy Shower Gel 250ml (7,00Ε)
4) Smoky Poppy Body Lotion 250ml (12,00Ε)
5) Smoky Poppy Bath Bombs 6x50g (19,00Ε)
6) Smoky Poppy Massage Oil 150ml (14,00Ε)
7) Smoky Poppy Eau de Toilette 30ml (12,00Ε)
The Body Shop has also prepared some beautiful gifts of the new collection for your girlfriend that she will appreciate. Or even for you girls that need and deserve the best for that day and it will also help you seduce your loved one.
The Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Makigiaz ComThe Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Makigiaz ComThe Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Makigiaz Com
Furthermore The Body Shop has the perfect Smoky poppy makeup collection for that day!!! The new Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks will give you a ruby brightness and velvet mat finish. Enjoy a discreet or bold makeup, depending of what you want, using a dry or wet brush with the two new Shimmer Cube eye palettes and wonderful color for your nails with the four new Colour Crush Nails shades.
 1)  Pink Poppy Shimmer Cubes Palette (20,00Ε)
 2) Yellow Poppy Shimmer Cubes Palette (20,00Ε)
1) Lip & Cheek Velvet Sticks 4g (13,50Ε)
2) Poppy Universal Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick 4g (13,50Ε)
3) Poppy-inspired Blusher Brush (10,00Ε)
4) Colour Crush Nails  Apricot Kiss (6,00Ε)
5) Colour Crush Nails Cupid Pink (6,00Ε)
6) Colour Crush Nails A Sunny Affair (6,00Ε)
7) Colour Crush Nails Mad About Blue (6,00Ε)
The Body Shop - Smoky Poppy - Makigiaz Com

Get the Celebrity Makeup – Jessica Chastains’ Bronze Smokey (english article)

Jessica Chastain had the best Hair & Makeup Look at the Golden Globe Awards so  Makigiaz Com  will lead you step by step to recreate this fantastic Bronze Smokey Look.

Get the Celebrity Makeup - Jessica Chanstains' Bronze Smokey - Makigiaz Com

Jessica Chastains’ Bronze Smokey Look

Step 1

Apply the Bronze eyeshadow on your lid and blend it with a blending brush over the crease.

Step 2

Do the lining of your upper and lower eyelashes with the black eyepencil

Step 3

Apply the black eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyes

Step 4

Add some light underneath the arch of your brow and the inner corner of your eyes with a bright beige eyeshadow

Step 5 

Smile and apply the bronzing highlighter

Χαμογελάστε και τοποθετήστε το bronzing highlighter on the apples of your cheeks

Step 5

Choose a nude pink lipstick for your lips

Step 6

Add some brightness on your lips with the clear lipgloss

Get the Celebrity Makeup - Jessica Chanstains' Bronze Smokey - Makigiaz Com

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