The Body Shop – Fijian Water Lotus collection (english article)

The Body Shop brings paradise even closer with the new collection  “Fijian Water Lotus” for bath and body. The main ingredient of this collection is the essence of Fijian Water Lotus which blooms at the Pacific Ocean and it leaves a refreshing perfume that travels us to exotic places and beaches!

The Body Shop - Fijian Water Lotus collection - Makigiaz Com

Leave yourself to the care of the new “Fijian Water Lotus” collection products, relax and enjoy an incredible trip. Start with the Shower Gel by having a refreshing and relaxing shower. Continue with the Body Lotion for soft skin, leaving a discreet scent to the body. Add fragrance with the Perfume Oil or the Eau de toilette placing them on your neck and where your pulse beats for more intense scent. The collection comes with a Body Butter for daily skin care! We should’t forget the Fragrance Mist which you can spray all over your body to refresh it  and add a discreet scent.

Are you still here reading? Visit The Body Shop for a trip to paradise!

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