How to clean the makeup brushes

Hygiene is also very important in makeup. Even if we are not professionals and other people are not using our brushes, we have to clean them.

Of course we clean because we want the eyeshadows off. That way the new colours won’t be mixed with the old ones and we cannot achieve the result we want when applying them. Also we clean them as they touch our face and we don’t want any contamination. In fact, we don't just clean them, we disinfect them as well.

The brushes we use to apply foundation, concealer, eyeliner and lipstick must be washed at regular bases. We clean them well with soap or shampoo on our palm following the movements with which we use the brush during applying the makeup. We rinse with water. We repeat the process as many times as necessary until it’s completely clean. At the end, we apply the conditioner and we rinse. During the time that the brushes are under the running water, we keep them vertically downwards in the water as much as possible so that no water will penetrate the brush and get damaged. Then we let them dry on an horizontal surface.

We can use the same cleaning method for all types of brushes such as shadows, blush, powder, etc. However, because it is difficult to do this process very often, there are some special brush cleaning liquids on the market for easier and daily use.

We use a paper and poor a small amount of the cleaning liquid on it. We clean the brush with the movements we use to apply the makeup. It is a good idea to disinfect the lip brushes with alcohol after washing them.

We use 2 cups. In the first one we have all the brushes that have been used and we want to clean them up. In the second we place the brushes we have cleaned one by one. It's a good idea to store clean brushes in a closed case so they don't get dusty. It is practical to have a cup on our vanity to place the used brushes until we clean and store them again.



LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels

Isn't there times when you want to wear a specific jewel and you end up searching for it endlessly in your drawers, your beauty bags and jewellery boxes? And when you finally find it tied up with some other necklace that takes you ages to untangle them!
LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels - Makigiaz Com
Well there is a great way to store your jewels and protect them at the same time. You can put them into pouches. Prefer to use see through pouches so that you can easily see their content. Buy different sizes for room saving. Small ones for rings and earrings, medium size for necklaces and big ones for bracelets. That way they will be protected from the dust and from each other and you will be able to find the jewel you want easily. You can go one step further and group your jewels in boxes according to their kind.
LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels - Makigiaz Com


LFP - How to match Hair Extensions to your Hair Colour

If you are the type of girl that like to change your haircuts look, or you want to make a hairstyle that needs thicker hair, then you will definitely use clip hair extensions. But the problem is that they don’t always match your hair color. Learn how to overcome this obstacle!
LFP - How to match hair extensions to your hair colour - Ταιριάξετε τις Τρέσες με τα Μαλλιά σας - Makigiaz Com
You can choose a color close to your hair color and then dye them. Yes its that simple. Just follow this steps to dye the clip hair extensions.
1. Choose Human hair extension as the artificial ones are hard to dye.
2. Use an up to 20 volume developer in order not to ruin your extensions.
3. Lie down the hair extension on tin foil and comb through them.
4. Prepare the dye according to the manufacturers directions  and apply it from top to ends.
5. Apply over them a plastic wrap in order for the dye not to dry.
6. Rinse with shampoo after 20 minutes.
7. Lie them down to a towel to dry


LFP - Choose the Right Wedding Dress

This great time has come when you will be a bride and you and your mummy, your sister, your maid of honor or best friend have gone "hunting" for your ideal wedding dress. It is for sure that you are going to choose the one that you like most, that you will fall in love with it, that you won't have the heart to take it off!
Makigiaz Com is here to help you with this big decision giving you some more clues to find the one that flatters you the most according to your body type. (find out what's your body type here)
Επιλέξτε το ιδανικό νυφικό για εσάς - Choose the right wedding dress - Makigiaz Com
Hourglass Figure
The Mermaid wedding dress is ideal for you. It embraces your figure and it punctuates the breast, the narrow waist and your curvy hips.
Pear Figure
Choose an A-Line or a Ball Gown. Their line is narrower at the top and wider downwards hiding the difference of the hips.
Apple Figure
For this body type an A-Line or a Ball Gown is ideal as well. This time because it will hide the narrower hips and it will not punctuate the waist.
Straight Figure
For this body type we need a wedding dress that will give the effect of a narrow waist. So an Empire Waist wedding dress will help punctuate the waist. The Sheath line is also ideal for a straight figure as it is a straight line dress.
Baby Bump
If your happiness is double and you are expecting a baby then we recommend an Empire Waist wedding dress that is narrow right bellow the breast and it won't bοther your beautiful belly.
Petite Figure
If you are one of the "expensive perfumes that go with small bottles" then the Empire Weist is perfect for you as it parts the body into one and two thirds giving the effect of a longer figure.
Of course these advices you can use to choose any kind of dress, not only your wedding dress!!!


LFP - What is your Body Type?

It is very important to know your body shape. That way you can easily find the garments that fits you best and flatters you most.
Makigiaz Com is giving you the main characteristics of each figure so that you can find which one you are.
LFP - Εσύ τι σωματότυπο έχεις; - Makigiaz Com
Hourglass Figure
The length of the shoulders is almost the same with the hips.
The waist is narrower than the shoulders and hips.
Pear Figure
The shoulders length is smaller than hips.
The waist is smaller than hips.
Apple figure
The shoulders are wider than hips.
The waist is usually full and wider than hips.
Straight or Rectangle Figure 
The shoulders, the hips and the waist have almost the same length.


LFP - 7 Tips for Youthful MakeUp

If you wish to learn what are the characteristics of a youthful makeup all you have to do is take a look of a young girl's face before she starts beautifying herself. These are the characteristics you have to accentuate for a youthful makeup.
LFP - 7 Tips για νεανικό μακιγιάζ - youthful makeup- Makigiaz Com - taylor swift
MakigiazCom will share some tips with you on how to create a youthful makeup.
Tip 1 : Thick Eyebrow
The first thing a girl changes on her face appearance are the eyebrows. When we are little our eyebrows are thick and with no particular shape. So thick eyebrows is a key characteristic for youthful makeup. When you tease your eyebrows you should give them a beautiful shape but you shouldn't thinner them a lot. If you already have thin eyebrows fill them with an eye pencil or an eyeshadow.
Tip 2 : Bright Lipstick
The first thing little girls try on is a lipstick. That is why lips are the most important element in youthful makeup. Choose bright colours and add lip gloss  so that your lips will look more juicy. As an alternative you can use only a coloured lip gloss.
Tip 3 : Thick Eyelashes 
Thick eyelashes is a sign of  youth. Unfortunately as years go by the eyelashes become fewer and thinner. Use an eye pencil to fill your eyelashes.
Tip 4 : Light Blusher
Give a healthy sense on your face with the use of a light blusher.
Tip 5 : Natural Eyemakeup
Forget any complex eye makeup methods. Just apply a light eyeshadow all over the eye. Focus on your eyelashes, as mentioned previously, by filling them with an eye pencil and apply mascara.
Tip 6 : Smooth Skin / Exfoliation
Smooth and soft complexion is another youthful characteristic. Exfoliate your face before applying makeup. It will remove the dead cells and your skin will be smoothed and glowing.
Tip 7 : Radiant Skin / Moisturization 
Give even more glow and radiance to your face by using a moisture cream before the makeup. As your foundation shouldn't be very heavy you should take care of your  skin in order to be in a very good condition.
Learn From a Pro - 7 Tips for youthful makeup - Makigiaz Com
Learn From a Pro - 7 Tips για νεανικό μακιγιάζ - youthful makeup- Makigiaz Com
Learn From a Pro - 7 Tips για νεανικό μακιγιάζ - youthful makeup- Makigiaz Com - Kristen Steward
Learn From a Pro - 7 Tips για νεανικό μακιγιάζ - youthful makeup- Makigiaz Com - Michelle Williams - Megan Fox
Learn From a Pro - 7 Tips για νεανικό μακιγιάζ - youthful makeup- Makigiaz Com - Jennifer Aniston - Cate Blanchett - Sienna Miller



LFP-Tip MakeUp-Highlighting in Eye MakeUp

It is very important to highlight our eyes so that they radiate and bring the attention on them. Which are the parts of the eye that we have to highlight when we put our makeup on?
MakigiaCom is sharing the secrets of highliting eyes step by step.
Choose a very light shade of eyeshadow colour according to the other colours you will use on your makeup. For example if you have shades of pink or purple choose a silver eyeshadow or if they are shades of brown use a gold eyeshadow. Choose pearl or satin eyeshadows, generally anything sparkling. Place this eyeshadow to the following parts of the eye.
*Use a small pointy brush to apply the eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye. For more illumination you can use a brush with humidity.
*Use a wider brush to apply the eyeshadow at the arch of the brow. Personally I prefer not to use humidity for this part of the eye.
*With your finger apply by tapping a small amount of the eyeshadow to the middle part of your mobile lid.
LFP-Tip MakeUp-Highlighting in eye makeup


LFP-Tip-MakeUp-Colours that match every eye

It takes a long time and many many tests to find out which eyeshadow colours match our eyes. Well there are some colours that match every eye colour and they are must haves in our beauty case.
Besides the basic neutral colours that go with everything, black, white and grey, there are two more colours everyone can use that will make our makeup a bit more interesting. Lavender and taupe. You should always have eyeshadows of that colours and you will never regret buying them!


Photography by :
MakeUp&Hairstyling : MakigiazCom
Model : Sofia


Photography by :
Designer : Liana Pateroni for Rita Pateroni
MakeUp : MakigiazCom
Hair : Theo Christodoulou

Model : Maria (ACE Models Agency)



LFP-Tip-MakeUp-No more mess when you apply mascara

Have you ever applied a fantastic makeup and when the time comes to put on your mascara everything becomes a mess? Well MakigiazCom has a nice tip for you so that it won't happen ever again.
Take a Post-It or a napkin or even an old business card and place it under the upper eyelashes. Then apply your mascara. That way you won't get dirty by the wand of the mascara or the eyelashes.
You can do the same with your lower eyelashes.
LFP-makigiazcom-Tip-MakeUp-No more mess when you apply mascara


L.F.P. - TIP - Eyelashes - How to Super Curl them

You might have very long eyelashes but most of the times they are so straight that they don't show. So how can you curl them. With a curler of course.
You might say "Tell us something we don't know". Well we will tell you a secret to make your eyelashes super curled. The steps are simple:
1. Place the curler close to the roots of the eyelashes in vertical position. Be careful that you don't grab your eyelid.
2. Push the curler
3. Place the curler in the middle of your eyelashes in horizontal position.
4. Push the curler again
MakigiazCom - How to super curl your lashes


Photography by

Makeup by MakigiazCom

Model Terry Paganopoulou

That way you can have extra curled eyelashes. You should be careful not to use the curler after mascara application as the lashes will stick on it and they will hurt you when some of them come off.

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