How many times have you found yourself in front of your overloaded closet in the morning with nothing to wear?
So many clothes... and yet nothing that fits you or to mix and match or even your style. Well it's big decision making time. Time for the Perfect Ten Rule.
What does that mean? You should have in your closet only the garments that you have scored with a perfect ten and get rid off all the rest.
Step 1
Empty your closet and evaluate all your clothes one by one. It sound like a lot of work but you will be rewarded at the end.
Step 2
The garments that should be scored with a ten should be the ones that fits us, the ones we can easily mix and match with the rest pieces, they are in perfect shape. The ones that we wore at least once the past two months and the ones that don't belong to a long gone trend that does not pleases us anymore. Generally the ones that we would wear without second thoughts...
The rest you should remove them at once. Of course its not easy to get rid off some of them but you should choose only the ones that have a sentimental value for you, put them in a storage case and  store them away. The rest have no place at your closet.
Step 3
Apply the perfect ten rule to your future buyings. Think of all the above criteria before you buy a new cloth and proceed only if it's a perfect ten. That way you can save money and time as you are no longer spending money for clothes that wont be useful at the near future and you wont have to spent so much time again rearranging your closet.
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