Makeup for social and professional events

    There are special occasions that you wish to look flawless and shiny like a social or a professional event. Perhaps you know how to do an everyday makeup but these occasions demand a professional’s touch. She is also aware of some secrets for a suitable to the occasion makeup such as the makeup rules that apply when you have to be photographed like for instance when you are Maid of Honor or you have to make a speech.

    The professional Make Up Artist will make sure that you will have a perfect coverage on your face that matches and flatters your facial characteristics and most of all she can do a makeup that will not fade out after a while.

    That is why you have to trust our experience and talent so that you will not feel any regret !

    Makeup at home : 50 €

    * The prices include VAT
    ** Our Services are offered for all areas of Athens
    *** The above cost refers to services provided in Athens
    **** Request an offer for areas outside Athens

Makeup for social and professional events