Get the Makeup – Girly Red Lips (english article)

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You should wear red lipstick no matter the age and on every occasion.  Makigiaz Com has created for you a Girly Red Lips Look with a small note of glamour adding a silver glitter eyeliner.

Get the Makeup - Girly Red Lips by Makigiaz Com - Μακιγιάζ


Photography by :
MakeUp : Terry Paganopoulpou for MakigiazCom
Model : Rania


Girly Red Lips Look

Step 1

Apply the light beige eyeshadow of The Body Shop Doll pastel eyeshadow palette all over the eye.

Step 2

Apply the lilac eyeshadow of the palette over the lid and blend it upwards with a blending brush.

Step 3

With a pencil brush apply the brown eyeshadow of the palette on the outer corner of the eye and then smooth the edges with a blending brush.

Step 4

Draw the eye line on the upper eyelashes with a black eye pencil.

Step 5

Apply The Body Shop Glitter Eyeliner over the black eyeliner you previously created.

Step 6

Use the red colored Lip & Cheek Stain Doll of The Body Shop. Apply one layer, let it dry and then apply a second one.

Get the Makeup - Girly Red Lips by Makigiaz Com - Μακιγιάζ


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