Makeup: The Diva look

A makeup with an statement eyeliner and red hot lips, is a makeup fitting for a Diva. It is really impressive and it offers head turning moments.

How to apply this makeup


- Make sure you have a flawless skin. Correct any imperfections and apply a foundation matching your skin colour.

- Set up the foundation with powder.


- Apply a light beige or pink eyeshadow all over your lid.

- Apply a medium brown eyeshadow to the crease and under the waterline with a pointy brush. Blend the colour with a blending brush.

- Apply an eye pencil on black colour along the upper lash line. Fill the waterline and the lower lashline. Create the cat eye shape at the outer corner of your eye. Smudge the edges and make it smoother.

- Apply false eyelashes to give emphasis to your look and finish with applying the liquid eyeliner.

- Clean the eye and refine the edges with a concealer.

- Apply mascara.

- Comb your brows and refine their shape with a dark brown eyeshadow.


- Use a bronzer to emphasize your cheekbones and create a dynamic look. An angled blush can have better application results.


- Hydrate your lips with a lip balm. Lips must be flawless as they play a very important part in this look. Outline them with a red lip pencil and then fill them.

- Apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Use the right shade of red that matches your skin type for a successful look.


- Straighten your hair with a blow dryer.

- Curl your hair with a curler. Start from the lower hair and work your way up. Make all your curls at the same direction in all the rows.

- At the end brush your hair and let all the curls blend into one, so that a big wave will be created.

Watch the video bellow to duplicate the Diva Look.

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