Tips for Bridal Makeup

1. Always have a makeup rehearsal. It is important to know how you will look like at your wedding day. Make sure that the colors are right for you, the shape of your eyes, the  time it lasts and the intense of the colors are satisfying.

2. Search for makeup styles at the internet and show them at the makeup artist. That way she will understand what style you want and she will apply a make up close to your taste.

 3. You don't have to do something that you have never done before. Your daily makeup comes from a lot of experiments and you have found what suits you best. So have it as a baseline.
4.  Generally all the makeup products have long duration. Lipstick is one of the products that goes away fast. What you have to do to make it last is to use a lip pencil all over the lips first in a neutral shade. It will keep your lips colored as its very steady. Furthermore you should buy a lipstick of similar color or the exact same one that the makeup artist will apply to you.

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