How to clean the makeup brushes

Hygiene is also very important in makeup. Even if we are not professionals and other people are not using our brushes, we have to clean them.

Of course we clean because we want the eyeshadows off. That way the new colours won’t be mixed with the old ones and we cannot achieve the result we want when applying them. Also we clean them as they touch our face and we don’t want any contamination. In fact, we don't just clean them, we disinfect them as well.

The brushes we use to apply foundation, concealer, eyeliner and lipstick must be washed at regular bases. We clean them well with soap or shampoo on our palm following the movements with which we use the brush during applying the makeup. We rinse with water. We repeat the process as many times as necessary until it’s completely clean. At the end, we apply the conditioner and we rinse. During the time that the brushes are under the running water, we keep them vertically downwards in the water as much as possible so that no water will penetrate the brush and get damaged. Then we let them dry on an horizontal surface.

We can use the same cleaning method for all types of brushes such as shadows, blush, powder, etc. However, because it is difficult to do this process very often, there are some special brush cleaning liquids on the market for easier and daily use.

We use a paper and poor a small amount of the cleaning liquid on it. We clean the brush with the movements we use to apply the makeup. It is a good idea to disinfect the lip brushes with alcohol after washing them.

We use 2 cups. In the first one we have all the brushes that have been used and we want to clean them up. In the second we place the brushes we have cleaned one by one. It's a good idea to store clean brushes in a closed case so they don't get dusty. It is practical to have a cup on our vanity to place the used brushes until we clean and store them again.


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