You might have very long eyelashes but most of the times they are so straight that they don't show. So how can you curl them. With a curler of course.
You might say "Tell us something we don't know". Well we will tell you a secret to make your eyelashes super curled. The steps are simple:
1. Place the curler close to the roots of the eyelashes in vertical position. Be careful that you don't grab your eyelid.
2. Push the curler
3. Place the curler in the middle of your eyelashes in horizontal position.
4. Push the curler again
MakigiazCom - How to super curl your lashes


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Makeup by MakigiazCom

Model Terry Paganopoulou

That way you can have extra curled eyelashes. You should be careful not to use the curler after mascara application as the lashes will stick on it and they will hurt you when some of them come off.