Swarovski - Stardust Bracelets (english article)

Would you like some stardust on your arms. Swarovski brings us a new "Stardust" Bracelets series.
This wonderful bracelets are really modern and suitable for every age. They glow so much like you have captured fairytale dust in them. They are light, flexible and you can find them in many colours so you will certainly find the one that suits you perfect.
Swarowski - Stardust Bracelets - Makigiaz Com
Swarowski - Stardust Bracelets - Makigiaz Com


Mani Day - Spooky but Girly (english article)

Halloween inspires Makigiaz Com to create a manicure for the occasion. Spooky but Girly it might have a little ghost as nail art but it keeps its girly attitude by choosing a Fuchsia and Dark Purple shade instead of the typical orange and black .Mani Day - Spooky but Girly - Makigiaz Com
Our favorite  Erre Due nail lacquer series is used for this nail art as they always offer a quality and lasting look! The design is very simple so that you can DIY adding an interesting touch to your manicure. And it can also be characterised as retro as it reminds the ghost from PacMan.
Step 1
Apply the dark base of the Nail Art  Erre Due Exclusive No254 Purple Rain and afterwards the vivid fuchsia shade  Erre Due Exclusive No248 Heart Trick to the rest of the nails.
Βήμα 2
Use a Silver Foil to put on a drop of the white lacquer Erre Due Exclusive No2 French White. With a thin nail art brush make the outline of the ghost.
Βήμα 3 
Wait for a few seconds and then fill the ghost.
Βήμα 4
After it dries use a metallic Nail Art Dotting Tool for small dots and apply two dots as eyes using the Erre Due Exclusive No254 Purple Rain lacquer.
Mani Day - Spooky but Girly - Makigiaz Com
Mani Day - Spooky but Girly - Makigiaz Com
Special Thanks to  Rania - Hair Stylist & Nail Artist for the lovely manicure she offered us.


The Body Shop - Red Musk (english article)

What's new from The Body Shop? A different kind of feminine fragrance with no floral notes but spices.The new Red Musk. In this perfume the spicy musk is enhanced by sexy notes of pepper, cinnamon and tobacco!
The Body Shop - Red Musk - Makigiaz Com
What is the inspiration behind this new perfume of The Body Shop? Their specialist answers that she didn't want to create another typical girly scent but to she wished to change the fragrances rules. The intense scent of pepper makes a  fantastic contrast with the sweet scent of cinnamon and tobacco adds a touch of a seductive note. The movie "High Heels" by Almodovar was the source of her inspiration as he often adds red elements in his films to emphasise the dramatic sensuality of his leading ladies.The Body Shop - Red Musk - Makigiaz Com
Are you ready for a scandal? You don't have to wait that long as The Body Shop Red Musk will be released at October 27th of 2014.
1) Red Musk Perfume Oil 30ml - 19,50E
2)Red Musk Eau de Parfum 60ml - 35,00E


Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos (english article)

I love the space and comfort that Capes & Ponchos offer you. Especially now with my pregnancy is probably the only top coat I can wear. I am very lucky that this season is the new Fashion Trend.
A tailored Cape can take you from the Office to Dinner while Knitted Ponchos and Capes offer warmth in our everyday life. Makigiaz Com presents its' favorite choices.
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Cape with front opening
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Buttoned cape coat
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Poncho coat
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Poncho with Fringes
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Poncho with Fringes
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Poncho Ethnic Pattern
Fashion Trend - Capes & Ponchos - Makigiaz Com
Jacquard Cape


A touch of Bordeaux

One of my favourite colours is Bordeaux. As it is a strong colour I love adding a touch of bordeaux in my daily outfits. Fullah Sugah honors this colour in the Fall Winter '14 - '15 collection with wonderful pieces.
Makigiaz Com picked the shoes and the bag in this colour and matches them in an Office and a Night Out Look. Practical right? This two must have pieces will fit you in every occasion!!!
The Angle Boots match perfectly with skirts, dresses and leggings. Ideal choice of jewellery is gold.
A touch of Bordeaux - Fullah Sugah - Makigiaz Com
Fringe Black Dress  / White Top / Color Block Bag  / Angle Boots


Korres - Wild Rose CC cream (english article)

CC creams are the new beauty trend as they offer hydration, skin colour correction and light coverage in one product. Todays fast pace of life needs products that make our everyday life easier. So what happens when this beauty trend meets Wild Rose, Korres trademark ingredient? A great and high quality product of course.
The new Korres Wild Rose CC cream gives moisture, covers imperfections, brightens and evens the skin tone. It also soothes skin thanks to Corab Tree ingredient and reduces redness as it contains Sichuan Pepper. Wild Rose is reach in vitamin C and it has very important remedial action for fine lines and skin discolouration. At the same time it helps the melamine to be distributed evenly in the skin and it gives brightens and glow. Of course we don't forget that the new Korres Wild Rose CC cream has also SPF30 and it protects us from the sun. It is released in two different shades.
Korres - Wild Rose CC Cream - Makigiaz Com


Stradivarius - The Event Paper (english article)

A special Photoshoot from fashion photographer Bela Adler was the party for the first Magazine from  Stradivarius. At "The Event Paper" party guests were the It Girls, that are know for their unique style, Poppy DelevingneAtlanta de Cadenet-Taylor, Harley Viera-Newton and the actress Ursula Corberó that stared at "Isabel" series as Margaret of Austria.
At a modernist building in Barcelona with a wonderful garden Stradivarius entertained the 200 guests that attended "The Event Paper" with music from Spains' great DJs Pepino Marino and Crawford that got the party started and Atlanta de Cadenet and Harley Viera Newton took over afterwards. Of course the looks from Stradivarius last collection was the real stars of the night with Vintage Chic elements paired with Boho Style.
The amazing party of Stradivarius lasted till dawn and it will live again in the pages of the magazine which will be distributed in stores all over the world.
Stradivarius - The Event Paper - Makigiaz Com
Stradivarius - The Event Paper - Makigiaz Com


LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels

Isn't there times when you want to wear a specific jewel and you end up searching for it endlessly in your drawers, your beauty bags and jewellery boxes? And when you finally find it tied up with some other necklace that takes you ages to untangle them!
LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels - Makigiaz Com
Well there is a great way to store your jewels and protect them at the same time. You can put them into pouches. Prefer to use see through pouches so that you can easily see their content. Buy different sizes for room saving. Small ones for rings and earrings, medium size for necklaces and big ones for bracelets. That way they will be protected from the dust and from each other and you will be able to find the jewel you want easily. You can go one step further and group your jewels in boxes according to their kind.
LFP - Tip Styling - Organize your Jewels - Makigiaz Com


Eylure - False Eyelashes - Texture No159 (english article)

Do you want to add definition to your eyes? Do you want to be the star of the night? Then you should definitely use a pair of false eyelashes choosing from the great variety of Eylure London.
We have chosen the Texture No159 and we present the fantastic Look! Even though pictures talk for themselves we only have to add a couple of things. First of all it is very important that they include the glue which is very practical for non professional users. The lashes are very soft and there no annoyance to the eyes during their application. They add density and length to the eyes but still have a natural look.
If you don't know how to apply the false eyelashes just watch the Video Tutorial from Makigiaz Com.

Photography by : YourPhotoPros.gr
MakeUp : MakigiazCom
Model : Terry Paganopoulou

Eyelure False Lashes - Προσθέστε ένταση στο βλέμμα σας - Add `drama to your look



Athens Xclusive Designers Week by Coca Cola Light

When we talk about our favourite beverage our mind definitely goes to Coca Cola. This season Coca Cola Light, that loves women and fashion, will be the Diamond Sponsor of the  16ης Athens Xclusive Designers Week. It promises the Greek Audience a unique fashion experience staring at the biggest fashion event of Athens.
16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week by Coca Cola Light
 Athens Xclusive Designers Week by Coca Cola Light and a wonderful surprise will be there for us as a collectors accessory will be created with association of the Greek Fashion brand BSB exclusively distributed during the Fashion Week.
This Fashion Celebration will be held from 24 to 27th of October at the "Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center". It's time for us to support that big event which by its turn supports and projects greek fashion in Greece and abroad.
16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week by Coca Cola Light
16th Athens Xclusive Designers Week by Coca Cola Light

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