Spring, nature, cherries! The mood of the season also affects our makeup. A new trend is inspired by the colors of the wild cherry.

Main characteristics

Wild cherry has a contrast of dark and bright red color. At the same time, it is also characterized by a glow that results from the light reflected on its crispy skin. The same color palette is also used by this make-up trend.

How to create it

Outline the lips with a black, preferably soft, pencil.

With a cotton swab, smudge and remove the intense black colour leaving a light shadow.

Fill in the inside of the lips with a bright red pencil.

Place a clear lip gloss in the middle of the lips.

Products Used

Black Eye Pencil YSL

Red lip pencil Paris Berlin - No CR 211

Clear Lip Shine essence - 01 shine bright like a diamond

The outcome

The contrast created by the black pencils’ shadow and the bright red color in the center of the lips gives the impression that the lips are more voluminous. This volume is enhanced with the extra shine from the lip gloss.

Cherry lips are a big aesthetic trend in Korea that focuses on the volume in the middle of the lips. It is achieved by adding filler only in the center of the lips. The aim is to achieve volume while at the same time making the final look more natural. Many South Korean K-pop idols have embraced the trend. Make-up once again gives an alternative to get the same result without a cosmetic method.