Get the Hairstyle - Messy Chic (english article)

If you want to look chic with a youthful and free way, then the "Messy Chic" hairstyle from MakigiazCom is exactly what you are looking for.
Rania Paganopoulou, the Hairstylist of MakigiazCom will lead you step by step to get this look with easy and simple moves.
Get the Hairstyle - Messy Chic - Makigiaz Com

Photography by YourPhotoPros 
Hair by Rania Paganopoulou for MakigiazCom 
MakeUp by Terry Paganopoulou for MakigiazCom 
Model Evelina Nodara

Messy Chic Hairstyle
Step 1
Apply volumizing mousse on your hair and use a straightener to create curls.
Step 2
Tease all hair to give them extra volume. Use a clamer to hold the hair up and help you work better.
Step 3
Use Hair Spray on your curls to help them last longer. Make a ponytail leaving some curls loose on the front of your face. Open a hole with your fingers above the hair elastic.
Step 4
Get the ponytail through the hole you have created. Try not to make the hair too tight. This gives a very interesting look at the back of your head with a very little effort.
Ready to Go !!!
Get the Hairstyle - Messy Chic - Makigiaz Com

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