Get the hairstyle - Super easy Chignon (english article)

Chignon is a safe choice for a chic appearance. Now there is a way to create a perfect chignon by yourself fast and easy.
Get the hairstyle - Super easy Chignon - Makigiaz Com
All you need is a sponge hair clip, you can find one at ebay at a very low price and some bobby pins. Makigiaz Com has prepared a video tutorial that will get you out of a difficult situation that you don't have the time to visit a hairdresser and you have to go to a formal event.
Get the hairstyle - Super easy Chignon - Makigiaz Com
Super Easy Chignon
Step 1
After you comb your hair make a ponytail securing it with a clear elastic.
Step 2
Get the ponytail through the sponge clip.
Step 3
Pull the sponge clip till a little more than the middle of your hair and turn the hair ends inwards.
Step 4
Roll the sponge clip tucking in the ends of the hair. Close the ends of the sponge clip.
Βήμα 5
Pull the two ends of the hair downwards and join the hair to close the chignon.
Step 6
With a bobby pin grab the two ends together and secure them on the head.
Βήμα 7
Place some more bobby pins around the bun to secure it.

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