LFP - Choose the Right Wedding Dress

This great time has come when you will be a bride and you and your mummy, your sister, your maid of honor or best friend have gone "hunting" for your ideal wedding dress. It is for sure that you are going to choose the one that you like most, that you will fall in love with it, that you won't have the heart to take it off!
Makigiaz Com is here to help you with this big decision giving you some more clues to find the one that flatters you the most according to your body type. (find out what's your body type here)
Επιλέξτε το ιδανικό νυφικό για εσάς - Choose the right wedding dress - Makigiaz Com
Hourglass Figure
The Mermaid wedding dress is ideal for you. It embraces your figure and it punctuates the breast, the narrow waist and your curvy hips.
Pear Figure
Choose an A-Line or a Ball Gown. Their line is narrower at the top and wider downwards hiding the difference of the hips.
Apple Figure
For this body type an A-Line or a Ball Gown is ideal as well. This time because it will hide the narrower hips and it will not punctuate the waist.
Straight Figure
For this body type we need a wedding dress that will give the effect of a narrow waist. So an Empire Waist wedding dress will help punctuate the waist. The Sheath line is also ideal for a straight figure as it is a straight line dress.
Baby Bump
If your happiness is double and you are expecting a baby then we recommend an Empire Waist wedding dress that is narrow right bellow the breast and it won't bοther your beautiful belly.
Petite Figure
If you are one of the "expensive perfumes that go with small bottles" then the Empire Weist is perfect for you as it parts the body into one and two thirds giving the effect of a longer figure.
Of course these advices you can use to choose any kind of dress, not only your wedding dress!!!

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