LFP - How to match Hair Extensions to your Hair Colour

If you are the type of girl that like to change your haircuts look, or you want to make a hairstyle that needs thicker hair, then you will definitely use clip hair extensions. But the problem is that they don’t always match your hair color. Learn how to overcome this obstacle!
LFP - How to match hair extensions to your hair colour - Ταιριάξετε τις Τρέσες με τα Μαλλιά σας - Makigiaz Com
You can choose a color close to your hair color and then dye them. Yes its that simple. Just follow this steps to dye the clip hair extensions.
1. Choose Human hair extension as the artificial ones are hard to dye.
2. Use an up to 20 volume developer in order not to ruin your extensions.
3. Lie down the hair extension on tin foil and comb through them.
4. Prepare the dye according to the manufacturers directions  and apply it from top to ends.
5. Apply over them a plastic wrap in order for the dye not to dry.
6. Rinse with shampoo after 20 minutes.
7. Lie them down to a towel to dry

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