LFP - What is your Body Type?

It is very important to know your body shape. That way you can easily find the garments that fits you best and flatters you most.
Makigiaz Com is giving you the main characteristics of each figure so that you can find which one you are.
LFP - Εσύ τι σωματότυπο έχεις; - Makigiaz Com
Hourglass Figure
The length of the shoulders is almost the same with the hips.
The waist is narrower than the shoulders and hips.
Pear Figure
The shoulders length is smaller than hips.
The waist is smaller than hips.
Apple figure
The shoulders are wider than hips.
The waist is usually full and wider than hips.
Straight or Rectangle Figure 
The shoulders, the hips and the waist have almost the same length.

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