Makeup Removal for Oily Skin (english article)

My Oily skin is the best and worst thing that happened to me. It's the best because the oily skin preserves its elasticity a lot more years than any other type of skin, so the wrinkles don't show up early. I enjoy the fact that even though I'm in my mid thirties people think that I'm twenty five!!! Unfortunately the coin has two sides so the bad thing is that I struggle with shine on my face and some acne now and then.
So the daily facial cleaning routine is crucial for my oily skin. The most important part of this routine is makeup removal. No way I will go to bed without removing my makeup. It's a crime… Of course every kind of skin type should do that but an oily one has to be extra careful! So as this is very important I can't just leave it to chance. The Pom Pon for Oily Skin is my choice!
Ντεμακιγιάζ για Λιπαρές επιδερμίδες - Makeup Removal for Oily Skin - Makigiaz Com
Why do I choose Pom Pon Oily Skin? Because they are specialised to Oily Skin. They contain myrrh which has therapeutic healing abilities and natural antibacterial abilities. They offer a deep clean of the skin removing daily pollutants, they help with the daily hygiene of the skin and most of all they reduce extra facial shine. Well what more can I ask for?

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