Which one is MakigiazCom's favorite Nail Lacquer?

MakigiazCom 's favorite color is Fuchsia! A visit in our site & blog will convince you as it is the main color. Do you still wonder for MakigiazCom's favorite nail lacquer color? I'm sure not but I will tell you anyways. FUCHSIA.
This past few years this color is everywhere in beauty and fashion. Clothes, shoes, accessories makeup and nails. Even in hair. We have tried out a lot of Nail Lacquers with that color. Our conclusion was that our favorite one is "Exclusive No248" of  Erre Due .
Erre Due Nail Lacquer exclusive No 248 - Review - Makigiaz Com
Such a bright shade, great vibrance, long lasting and fast dry, what is there not to love? I wrote them all together and fast but I was carried away by my excitement! It matches perfectly with black, white, blue electric and tirquaz. If you don't have that nail lacquer in your drawer I think you should buy one now...

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