Mani Day - Cupcakes

Sweet Cupcakes on your nails!!!
An easy nail art that any woman at every age loves. See bellow a step by step tutorial that Emma Nail Artist created for Makigiaz Com.
Mani Day - Cupcakes με Erre Due - Makigiaz Com
1. Apply the base colour on your nails. Our choice was Erre Due exclusive No 248 in Fucsia.
2. On the nail that you have chosen to create the cupcake nail art apply brown colour on the tip of the nail with the nail lacquers' brush. We applied  Erre Due Lst Minute 434
3. On a small piece of foil put a small amount of white nail lacquer, we used Erre Due Exclusive No 02. Use a big dot brush and apply 3 dots that are connected with each other on the top of the brown colour.
4. With a thin nail art brush make 3 lines over the brown colour. We applied Erre Due Exclusive No 243.
5. Finish the nail art with a cherry red colour like Erre due Exclusive No407, applying small dots on the white colour with a small dot brush.
6. Apply a top coat for shine and long lasting affect.
Mani Day - Cupcakes με Erre Due - Makigiaz Com

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